Lead Awareness Training (4-hour course)
Building maintenance personnel will learn proper work practices in preventing potential lead-based paint exposure of building occupants and workers. The course covers the health effects of lead exposure and the various paint related activities required to be followed in order to comply with the OSHA Lead in Construction Standard.

Who Should Attend: Maintenance personnel in schools, residential housing and commercial buildings. Maintenance personnel and construction workers who perform activities that may disturb lead containing paint where it is anticipated the lead exposures will be below the OSHA Action Level.

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Lead Procedures Training (8-hour course)
The OSHA Lead in Construction Standard requires training of workers who disturb lead containing painted surfaces. These activities include, but are not limited to removing paint by sanding, scraping, abrasive blasting and performing manual demolition activities. This course includes all information from the lead awareness class, as well as safe work practices, site preparation, engineering controls, work area cleanup, exposure monitoring requirements and the proper use of respirators and protective clothing.

Who Should Attend: Building maintenance personnel who perform paint preparation and construction activities where lead exposures may occur at or above the OSHA Action Level.

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